Virtual Wilbye Consort: (Almost All) Madrigals by John Wilbye
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First Set of Madrigals

Madrigals for Five Voices
Die hapless man (1:44)
I fall, I fall, O stay me (1:44)
And though my love abounding (1:37)
I always beg (1:38)
Thus Love commands (1:32)
Lady, your words do spite me (1:36)
Alas, what a wretched life (1:45)
Unkind, O stay thy flying (1:50)
I sung sometimes my thoughts (2:02)
Flora gave me fairest flowers (1:19)

Madrigals for Six Voices
Sweet love, if thou wilt gain (1:47)
Lady, when I behold (3:13)
When shall my wretched life (2:29)
Of joys and pleasing pains (2:33)
My throat is sore (2:30)
Cruel behold my heavy ending (2:24)
Thou art but young thou sayest (1:48)
Why dost thou shoot? (1:39)

Madrigals for Three Voices
Fly, Love, aloft to heaven (1:59)
Away, thou shalt not love me (1:33)
Ay me, can every rumour? (2:13)
Weep, O mine eyes (2:27)
Dear Pity, how wouldst thou become her? (1:55)
Ye restless thoughts (1:55)

Madrigals for Four Voices
What needeth all this travail (1:25)
O fools, can you not see (1:44)
Alas what hope of speeding (2:18)
Lady, when I behold (2:16)
Thus saith my Cloris bright (1:34)
Adieu sweet Amarillis (2:53)

Second Set of Madrigals

Madrigals for Five Voices
Sweet honey sucking bees (1:47)
Yet sweet, take heed (2:25)
All pleasure is of this condition (2:14)
Oft have I vowed (2:14)
Down in a valley (2:20)
Hard destinies are love and beauty (1:57)
Weep, weep, mine eyes (3:17)
There where I saw (3:00)
Ye that do live in pleasures (2:07)
A silly Sylvan (2:16)

Madrigals for Six Voices
O wretched man (2:21)
Where most my thoughts (2:41)
Despiteful thus unto myself (2:47)
Ah cannot sighs, nor tears (1:32)
Draw on, sweet night (4:48)
Stay, Corydon, thou swain (2:55)
O softly drop, mine eyes (3:17)
Long have I made these hills (3:28)

Madrigals for Three Voices
Come shepherd swains (2:12)
Flourish ye hillock (1:57)
Ah, cruel Amarillis (2:15)
So light is love (1:36)
As fair as morn (1:45)
O what shall I do? (4:18)
I live, and yet methinks (2:58)
There is a jewel (2:16)

Madrigals for Four Voices
When Cloris heard of her Amyntas (2:19)
Happy streams whose trembling fall (2:49)
Change me, O heavens (3:00)
Love not me for comely grace (1:59)
Fly not so swift, my dear
I love, alas, yet am not loved (2:03)
As matchless beauty (1:53)
Happy, O happy he (1:58)


Other English Madrigals

Thomas Morley:
Leave, alas, this tormenting (3:26)
I love, alas (1:18)
Now is the month of Maying (1:46)
Fire, fire (2:04)

George Kirbye
See, what a maze of error (1:35)

John Bennet
Weep, o mine eyes (2:25)

Thomas Bateson
Those sweet delightful lillies (2:21)

Thomas Vautor
Sweet Suffolk owl (2:36)

Orlando Gibbons
What is our life? (4:54)
The silver swan (1:20)

Thomas Tomkins
See, see the shepherd's queen (1:46)

Michael East
Farewell, sweet woods and mountains (3:08)

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